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Why Cannot Log In to My Original Account, and the Asset is Lost?

Reason1: You bound the same email with multiple platform accounts on CCTip V1.0. When you try to log in with email on the app (V2.0), it can only log in to only one account.

For V1.0: Email can be bound with multiple accounts. For V2.0: Email can be bound with only one account
  • How do access all other accounts? On the app, select "Continue with..." to log in with 3rd-party platforms to access the account.

Reason 2: You unbound the platform account with your CCTip account and use the platform to log in again.

If you unbind the platform, the platform will be no longer related to the original account and when you log in with this platform again, it will create a new account.
Same as email/mobile, if you change the email/mobile binding, it will be no longer related to the original account.