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Integrate Your Wallets For CCTip 2.0

For every CCTip account, there will be only one wallet on CCTip app to store and manage your assets whatever the way of you register them.

How to integrate your wallets on a third-party platform to CCTip wallet?

There are 3 steps to integrate your wallets by transferring funds for better using CCTip 2.0.
Step 1: If you have multiple CCTip accounts, you need to bind the accounts with the same email address first.
Step 2: Register a Telegram account if you do not have one, and transfer the funds of all accounts to your Telegram accounts.
Please note: After you transfer all funds to your Telegram account, you need to re-register and re-bind other accounts for CCTip 2.0. Now you only have one CCTip account bound with Telegram.
For example, if you have an account registered by email and an account registered by Twitter. After the new version is launched. You need to re-register by email and Twitter to get the new accounts. The old accounts will be changed to the new ones.
Step 3: After the CCTip 2.0 new version is launched, update your app. Log in to your Telegram account and all of your assets will be integrated on CCTip balance instead of third-party platforms. Done!
Last modified 2yr ago