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Tip QR Code

Introduction - What is a Tip QR code?

A Tip code is created for receiving tips in any token and the token will be credited to your CCTip account directly. You can create up to 10 Tip codes. Please note: The Tip code can be only edited, not deleted. If you decide not to use the Tip code anymore, you can leave it there.

Where can you put the Tip code?

CCTip allows you to put your tip code on any social network in different forms like the Blog and Youtube. You can also print it out for crypto pay as well.

Who can scan the Tip code?

Everyone includes non-CCTip users can scan the Tip code to tip.

There are 3 different display formats for the Tip codes:

A QR code, an image, and a link. Whatever format you choose to show your Tip code, people can click/scan it to transfer to the Tip page to create a tip.