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Referral Program

Invite @cctip_bot to the Telegram Group to get the referral reward!
If you are the Admin of the Telegram group, or you are the Telegram group creator and you have a CCTip account, you can get referral rewards by inviting @cctip_bot to the Telegram group.
How to invite people to Telegram group: Add @cctip_bot to a Telegram group (Cannot be a channel).
How to receive the newcomer reward: You will automatically receive the airdrop up to 10 times in 30 days. You can make an airdrop to guide users on how to use CCTip in groups. The more groups you invite to the CCTip Bot, the more rewards you will earn.
How to view your referral rewards: PM @cctip_bot with the command “view_my_promo_rewards” to view the latest 10 referral rewards and accumulated rewards.
Command Format
Second Tab
Please note: The inviter is the first one who invites the CCTip Bot into the group. Repeated invitations are invalid.