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DAO Group

The DAO Group is the group you can set on Telegram and it refers to a group of users who meet certain conditions. You can easily set a threshold to allow in only those who hold at

To Set a Dao Group

You can set the details of the DAO group on CCTip.

Step 1: Find the “Upgrade to DAO Group” button in the group setting.
Step 2: Enable the option of DAO Group
Step 3: Fill in the information and click "Save". Done!
Rule of DAO group: CCTip will verify the qualification when users join or speak, and will remove those disqualified.

Bind On-Chain Address To Join DAO Group

To join the Dao group, you need to bind the on-chain address first.

How to bind on-chain address?
Step 1: Go to "My CCTip" > "On-Chain Address".
Step 2: Select the chain you want to bind and click "Bind".
Step 3: Select a wallet. You need to install the wallet first.
Step 4: Complete the signature. Done!

To change on-chain address

Step 1: Open the wallet plug-in and you need to switch to the account that you would like to add the new on-chain address.
Step 2: On the page "On-chain Address" on CCTip, click "Change" and select the wallet.
Step 3: Complete the signature. Done!