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Bots Management

Bots Management on CCTip allows users to manage the settings for tipping bots, Dao group, Newcomer Rewards, Own paid subscription groups/channels, referral program, short command, and own advertisements.

All Tip Features on Telegram & Twitter - Create and Receive

Other Telegram Bot Features

  • How to set a DAO Group?
  • Bind On-Chain Address To Join DAO Group
  • How to set Newcomer Rewards to attract users?
  • How to invite people to join the Telegram group?
  • Referral Program - Introduction/ How to Invite People/ How to Receive Rewards/ How to View Rewards
How to Set the Paid Subscription groups/channels to Start Your Own Business?
  • How to Join a Paid Subscription Group/Channel?
- Free Shortcut Commands
- Buy Exclusive Shortcut Commands